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This was supposed to be a 3-week-long project, to tide us all over during the three-week hiatus in October/November. But as it was drawing to a close, I had this crazy idea - as is my custom - to keep going, see how long I could keep it up. I posted the first ficlet Oct 22nd 2009, and I have yet to stop! I wanted to reach further than I already had, so here I am!

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Day 457. Just Like Old Times

April isn’t worried about going on stage again, it’s going on stage again with him…

So in cycle 18, for the one-year anniversary of Gleekathon, I did POV Swaps/Prequels/Sequels of favorite stories of mine from throughout the first year. However as I had to plan ahead, I had to cut off at a certain point, even though the year wasn’t technically over. So I wanted to include the stories between the cut-off point and the start of cycle 18, so here we are. There will be six of them: 2 POV swaps, 2 prequels, 2 sequels :)

Today’s story is a Sequel to #335 “Ryan & Rhodes” a Bryan/April story originally posted September 21st 2010

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Day 395. The Drop Dead Dream

The memories she holds are few and far in between, but they could save her.

READ MY MIND SET - I’ve been wanting to do something like this, in some way, for a while now. Listening to the song “Read My Mind” by the Killers, there were a set of lines I thought might be good for inspiration, so…here we are! There will be EIGHT, four in the first week of this cycle, four in the third/last.
TODAY: "The Drop Dead Dream"

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Day 360. Forgotten Hero

[SEQUEL TO #278] After the dance and the rescue, it’s time to return to reality…

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YEAR ONE ANNIVERSARY CYCLE! - Within days it will have been one year since I’ve started this Gleekathon, and I had a thought that I should do something special for it. So this is what I did: Selecting from the start of it all to the end of august (well, I had to plan! ;)), I picked my 21 favorite one shots. A number of those I was very attached to, but left sad to see may have fallen through the cracks, so it seems fair they should be recognized.

The 21 stories were split in three categories: POV swap - Prequel - Sequel… I think that goes without saying ;) In no particular order… Today’s story is a Sequel to #278 “Hero with a Bow Tie” a Young Will/April/Terri story originally posted July 26th 2010.

Young Will, April, Bryan, Terri

The walk home from the Rhodes home had been fairly peaceful. He was still thinking about how beautiful April had been in her dress, and how she had let him come to her assistance. Sure, she was drunk at the time, but at least she’d been speaking to him, made eye contact… which was more than he could say for their usual interactions. For that time, the walk, he felt on top of the world. He knew the feeling would probably go away, but he didn’t want to think about it. He just wanted to remember his moment with the angel.

He woke up the next morning, and now he was left to agonize… What would happen on Monday, when he saw April again… and Bryan… What would she do? Would she talk to him? Would she even remember? He spent the whole weekend turning it over in his head, making scenes in his mind. He tried not to, but it wouldn’t leave him alone. His parents hardly noticed how distracted he was, something he was actually thankful for.

When Monday finally rolled around, he arrived at McKinley, looking about… He felt short of breath, which he’d never experienced. Maybe he thought things were about to chance, that this was the day that all his crazy impossible April Rhodes dreams came true…

“Hi, Will,” he heard someone call from behind him, and for a split second he thought it was…

“Hey, Terri,” he tried not to look like he was disappointed. He looked back, still on the look-out for April.

“I saw you at the dance the other night… I was hoping maybe you’d have asked me…” she spoke, trying not to make a big deal of it. He turned back to her, listening again.

“Right… well, I wasn’t feeling well, so I went home,” he nodded, trying not to make it come off as a lie. “But, uh… I was going to ask,” he told her. It made her smile, and really that was the best thing that could happen. “So… I have to go, but I’ll see you in Spanish class, okay?” Terri nodded, still all smiles, and Will headed off.

Just as he went around the corner, that was when he heard April’s telltale laugh. He stopped, looked for her.

There she was… back hanging off on Bryan’s arm… like nothing wrong had ever happened. He felt a bit of a flush of frustration. Did she even remember? Did she know what an ass Bryan had been to her, going off with Edith Myers? He couldn’t face them now, but he knew he’d have to… that afternoon in Glee Club.

He got there, sitting with Donovan, which presently meant sitting with Leigh O’Donnell, as they’d started ‘secretly dating.’ He watched April come in, chatting with Leigh’s twin sister Mara… He knew what this would mean. Mara and Leigh would of course want to sit together, and April too, so she wouldn’t be too far off from him. And then Bryan came in with Marcus, so those too would be nearby… He felt more and more surrounded by his agony over the events of the dance.

Mrs. Adler arrived and brought them to attention. She wanted a volunteer out of the boys and, of course, Bryan Ryan was right on the buzzer, soon on his feet at Mrs. Adler’s side. This left Will with a very clear view at April, right nearby. He tried not to seem like he was staring and, in doing so, only managed to actually draw her attention. She blinked, looking at him and shrugging as though to say ‘what?’ There was no recognition in her eyes, at all…

Maybe she just didn’t want to say or do anything in the middle of Glee Club, maybe she was going to wait until they were alone, just the two of them. It couldn’t be easy for her, he imagined, so she could just…

No… it wasn’t happening; that April had been erased with sobriety. It took seeing her there, in Glee Club with him, to see it just wasn’t happening. She had no idea what he’d done for her at the dance. It could be alright… he would not have wanted her to be changed by alcohol rather than feelings in her heart.

He truly hoped she’d end up sticking up for herself, leave Bryan behind. No matter what, he still believed she deserved better… So did he. There was Terri, who unlike April actually saw him as existing. She cared for him, and he did find her beautiful, and sweet… His grandmother did always say everything happened for a reason… This could be it, for him to find his own path before trying to get April to hers.


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Day 335. Ryan & Rhodes

It’s all up to them… if they can pretend long enough.


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Day 301. It’s a Little Bit Wicked

A chance meeting in a bar gives Shelby an idea.

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Day 278. Hero With A Bow Tie

Will would have loved to go to the dance with April, but he did something better instead.

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Gleekathon REWIND: 097-100

ORIGINALLY POSTED: January 26th-29th 2010

097. Turquoise: Calm & Refreshing [Kurt & Glee Girls; Colors #7]
098. Blue: Trust & Loyalty [Finn & Tina; Colors #8]
099. Violet: Nobility & Wisdom [Rachel & April; Colors #9]
100. Let The Sunshine In [Rachel & Quinn; Sunshine Girls #5]

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Gleekathon REWIND: 009-012

ORIGINALLY POSTED: October 30th-November 2nd 2009

009. In Tandem [Tina, Artie/Tina]
010. We’ll Get By But We Don’t Know How [Quinn]
011. For One Golden Day [Will, April]
012. Pistachio & Cookie Dough [Quinn/Finn]

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