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This was supposed to be a 3-week-long project, to tide us all over during the three-week hiatus in October/November. But as it was drawing to a close, I had this crazy idea - as is my custom - to keep going, see how long I could keep it up. I posted the first ficlet Oct 22nd 2009, and I have yet to stop! I wanted to reach further than I already had, so here I am!

Day 480. LATGHAOT: 18. They Are Everywhere, pt.1

Valentine’s Day is coming, and it’s shaping up to be a very Glee kind of dance…

[For the full explanation/background, see CHAPTER ONE!]

Ties to “The Encyclopedia Brittanyca” (days 204-210)

They’d received the invitation a few days before. They’d kept in contact with the girl almost single-handedly responsible for bringing them together, mostly through the library, and so that was where the message was passed on, that they should come. It wasn’t an instant decision. Even after months of this new life, McKinley was a different situation. Going back there now, with all the changes he’d made… He still felt like both the boy he used to be and the man he used to be… He was still learning about the person he’d become. But he had her… he had Hannah.

“Peter!” he heard a familiar voice and he looked up. There was Brittany, running up to him with a smile. She didn’t call him Patches anymore; he had found his name again. She hugged him, hugged Hannah. “I’m glad you guys came,” she was grinning.

“Well thank you for inviting us,” Hannah smiled back. She was not a chaperone, like so many of the faculty, and not because she worked in the library but because of the invitation they’d received… They would be there as guests, even if they only came for the very end. People would start clearing after, and they could still have their moment.

“I have an idea,” Brittany suddenly spoke, taking Peter by the arm and tugging him forward, which then also tugged Hannah forward, as she hung on to his arm. Brittany led the couple to the side, where Mr. Schuester, Miss Holiday, Mr. Hummel and Mrs. Hudson were all standing together. Mrs. Hudson was handing the bowl to Mr. Schuester, who saw there was only one card left. She saw this as well, and she only tugged faster. “Mr. Schue!” she called. “That’s his card,” she nodded, looking back to Peter.

“Will,” the man nodded when they all came to a stop in front of them.

“Peter,” Will reached out to shake his hand.

“Can he have that one?” Brittany pointed to the last card.

“That one what” Peter asked.

“The song, it’s the last one, you should have it.” He didn’t look so sure.

“How long’s it been?” Hannah asked, seeing the discomfort in him. He kept staring at the bowl for a moment, and then his face relaxed. He reached into the bowl.

“Too long.” Will realized then, this was the perfect opportunity. He went up on the stage and took the microphone.

“Alright, guys, this is the last number of the night, so everyone come on back to the dance floor. Come on, don’t be shy, and help me welcome an old friend of McKinley High, Mr. Peter Geller.” Brittany’s cheers were the loudest, joined with Hannah’s, old ‘Patches’ supporter section. Peter gave the girl a smile, gave Hannah a kiss before going on to the stage. He didn’t run; he enjoyed the moment, tried not to let it get to him. He and Will shared a look before the Glee Club director went back down to find his date and escort her on to the dance floor, while Brittany returned to Artie to do the same, like all of them. They were all spread around the gym. Brad got the card from Peter, signalled a ‘twenty’ to the band, and they could begin. Peter found his element, his courage with Hannah standing right in sight before the stage. He looked at her the whole time. And if you listened close enough, she sang with him.

[P] “The book of love is long and boring / No one can lift the damn thing”

Will gave Holly a spin as they reached the floor, and the laugh it brought out of her was infectious. He didn’t know what would happen between them, if she would run like she always did, if she’d stay… If he’d make a mess of it like he did everything else, if he’d actually get to hold on to her… It was something for the future, and for now he’d take a page from her book… he’d live for the moment.

[P] “It’s full of charts and facts and figures, / And instructions for dancing”

And maybe someday he wouldn’t think so much of that thing he’d lost, that someone, who was now dancing with her husband, the perfect dentist… It was hard to imagine he would, with what they’d had and nearly had. Emma had saved him from more than she could realize, and he didn’t feel like he’d ever really gotten to properly thank her for it. She had to know how thankful he was.

Deep down, even if he hadn’t told her, she did know. He may not have been so good at showing her, in all his attempts to get her back and… But still she knew. She knew, because… she couldn’t forget him either. It was all the reminders, around her… they still worked together, so of course…

[P] “But I / I love it when you read to me”

But she was happy with Carl, and thinking too much about the rest made it feel like she was ignoring that fact, but it was true… She loved him, and even if they had gone into this marriage so very fast, she believed in it, in him, in them. He brought out something in her and she didn’t want to let that go.

Except they hadn’t all made their peace with things yet. She didn’t know if they ever would, or if they’d always have to deal with the awkwardness of it…

She’d told Carl about her dance with Will, and he hadn’t gotten upset. He’d given her that smile of his, he’d taken her hand and they’d gone dancing again, heart to heart… Maybe there was hope yet.

[P] “And you / You can read me anything”

Burt just looked into Carole’s eyes as they danced. It wasn’t complicated to forget the world, or his questionable dance moves, when he was looking at her. The way he felt right then, he could have been Fred Astaire. He could see it in her face… neither of them had been so happy as they were in that moment of their lives, for so long… Highs and lows, they had found their way to each other now, and they weren’t letting go.

[P] “The book of love has music in it / In fact that’s where music comes from”

After that kiss, right before his dash off to the stage, Kurt had been so worried about what would happen, if everything would be odd and uncomfortable all of a sudden. But the moment he’d gotten back to him, Blaine had taken him back to the dance floor, and they hadn’t left. He was still waiting for this evening to either crash and burn or turn out to be a dream, but after all those worries, he was starting to accept the fact that they had reached something new that night, and it wasn’t fake, or breakable… They would hang on.

[P] “Some of it’s just transcendental / Some of it’s just really dumb”

Mercedes had that same bit of realization. For once Valentine’s day hadn’t let her down. It wasn’t her whole life, this need for someone… but a lonely heart could only brighten when it found another. Anthony was very good to her, all evening. She’d been shy at first, not used to it… for all her strength and personality, he’d tapped right into that shy girl inside her. But throughout that dance, he’d helped her tip the scales right back, and she could feel herself becoming herself again… with the added bonus of him still holding on to her. This may well have been the start of so much more.

[P] “But I / I love it when you sing to me”

Rachel didn’t want the evening to end. It had been so perfect, all of it. Finn and her, they’d gotten to this really good place, and she almost felt like it was contained in the magic of the night. She knew how he felt for her, she wasn’t expecting that to change, but… there was something about the clothes, and the low lights, the soft music, and the dancing… Maybe they just needed to go out more, find places like this… No… it was special. It was supposed to be. If they tried too much, then it wouldn’t be special anymore. So even if the night ended, she could hold on to it forever. This made her smile, which him smile as well… He could feel it, too.


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