Day 981b. Give of Yourself: 1. And Off We Go

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Every year Coach Sylvester has this secret project going, and this year, they want to get selected - Sue, Unholy Trinity, Brittana, Klaine

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”Give of Yourself”
Sue, Unholy Trinity, Brittana, Klaine

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1. And Off We Go

Next to the competitions, this was the most stressful and competitive time for the Cheerios. The whole thing was closer to an urban legend, an old tale, with how hard it was to even get chosen. It all depended on the coach.

But this time, Santana had a plan.

She had called for Brittany and Quinn to meet her at the Lima Bean after school, and when they arrived, she was there waiting for them, spying about.

"Why do I feel like I’ve been summoned?" Quinn asked as the two blondes sat.

"Maybe you need to stretch more before practice," Brittany nodded to her. Quinn frowned at her, confused, but she just nodded back.

"So what’s up?" Quinn asked Santana, still looking to Brittany, absolutely baffled by her.

"Easy. The three of us are going to get Sylvester’s Showcase this year."

That was what they called it. Not much was known about it, they figured, because the coach had sworn ‘her selected few’ to secrecy, under penalty of her wrath. That only made them want to know more, which they were sure was part of the reason the coach kept it that way.

But some facts had still come to trickle out over time and the occasional drunken confession. What they knew went something like this: every year around Christmas, Coach Sylvester selected a handful of students, 99% of the time Cheerios, and had them perform at a private event. What this even was remained unknown, but from what they knew they could only guess it was of importance, with how the coach focused on it for a couple of weeks… It was the best part of the year for them on the Cheerios, where one step out of bounds didn’t get them bullhorn blasted to cry off in a corner. After the event itself had passed, they could tell who had been selected; they got it easy, for the rest of the year sometimes.

"Okay?" Quinn responded to Santana’s claim. "How are we going to do that?"

"Well first off, why wouldn’t she want us, we’re the best ones she’s got."

"Yeah," Brittany grinned, which made Quinn smile along with Santana.

"And second?" Quinn asked.

"We’re going to poach us some talent."

"Who do you have in mind?"

"A couple of little gay birds who just scream Christmas special," Santana offered with a proud smirk. Quinn considered this, while Brittany stared between them, frowning with uncertainty. Before she got to asking though, Quinn answered the question for her.

"Why would Kurt and Blaine ever want to do this? Either way, they don’t even go to McKinley."

"This thing has nothing to do with McKinley," Santana pointed out. "It’s about who gets that spotlight, and they get that."

"And…" Brittany prodded knowingly.

"And there’s no way I’m sharing it with some hack," Santana frowned.

"And…" Brittany kept going, making Santana blink.

"And there’s no way I’m letting Jenny get it," she added, looking to Brittany to see if she had more to say, but the blonde just smiled victoriously.

"Can I have your cookie?" she pointed to the plate in front of her, and Santana slid it her way.

"The five of us could do something so much better than that…"

"Okay, I get the picture," Quinn interrupted whatever insults Santana was about to spout off.

"Are you in?" Santana asked.

"I am," Brittany pitched in first, and it came down to Quinn.

"Fine," she sat back. "Have you even talked to the guys about this y…" Santana interrupted her now, whistling over her head.

"Over here." Quinn turned in her chair, and here they were, in their Dalton uniforms. "Please, sit."

"What’s she up to?" Kurt asked Quinn.

"Just sit," she told him.


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