Day 936b. ADBSC: 5. Fifth [Glee/Castle]

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Sequel to ‘Red Herring’ - Months after they encountered the Glee Club in New York, an event leads Beckett and Castle to Lima, Ohio.

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”A Dish Best Served Cold”

5. Fifth

Lima, Ohio

None of them were supposed to be there, so early in the morning, and they wouldn’t have been, if not for everything that was going on. In more or less all of their cases, sleep had been hard to come by. They could try and convince themselves that there was nothing to worry about, but then their minds would wander and they would think about the man coming after them, hurting them or their friends… When morning came, much too early, they found themselves just sitting around home, waiting to go to school. Finally they had just gone in to McKinley, figuring the company of people who knew what they were going through would be better than nothing. They had congregated in the choir room, relieved to see they’d had the same idea.

They couldn’t know this had just expedited their peril.

Brittany was the last of them to show up. She had been texting Santana, asking where she was, unaware she had someone on her tail. When she walked through the choir room door, she was greeted by the rest of them, standing and sitting around the room, no rhyme or reason. Quinn moved forward to wrap her arms around her friend, being told of how many sheep she had counted trying and failing to fall asleep.

Sugar had let out a choked squeak and grabbed on to Mercedes’ arm so tight that the girl had pushed out a cry and drawn everyone’s attention. They saw her staring out to the door, eyes fixed, and when they turned, there he was. Everyone scurried together in mass, very concerned with the way he wouldn’t take his hand out of his pocket, and how he would just stare at them.

"You there, bow tie, lock that door, cover the window. And you, Asian girl, you get the other one," he pointed. Blaine and Tina hesitated, Matheson sighed, and he pulled his hand from his pocket, confirming their fears – he held a gun. "The doors, now," he instructed. They went ahead, under the watchful eyes of their friends and boyfriends. Blaine closed one door, turned the lock, took a poster from the wall and stuck it over the window. "Blonde girls, lock that, cover that," he pointed to the door and windows to the side office, and Quinn and Brittany went. "The rest of you, board up those windows, too," he indicated the windows above the chairs.

At the second door, Tina had pulled the door to shut it, though as she did her eye caught that of Coach Beiste passing in the hall. She tried to keep quiet, but she had a sharp intake of breath, catching her attention. She could have run out, or said something, but all she could think about was in a heartbeat the man could start shooting and… So she hurried and shut the door, turning the lock but never losing the woman’s eyes. She saw the coach stare over her head, seeing what was happening, and as Tina moved a poster to cover the window, she saw the woman take off running.

"Alright, make it quick, come on!" Matheson raised his voice, then slapped the piano top. "All phones, right here." They were all on edge, so at this point all they could do was follow the order. With everything shut, locked, and covered, and the phones amassed on the black piano top, there was nothing left to do. "Now all of you sit down!" he pointed to the chairs and they went. Hands stretched left and right, grasping on to others, all eyes on the man. One of them had to speak, but who? For once, she had to say, Rachel would have been fine not having everyone’s eyes on her… A couple of them were prodding her, and she felt the need to fidget but she fought it, very aware of the gun. She was the captain…

"M… Mr. Matheson… sir?" she spoke, feeling her voice weaken along with all her limbs, even sitting down. When he turned to look at her, she winced, braced herself for a second before she could say anything again. "What… what are we doing now? W-what do you want from us?" she averted her eyes. When he said nothing though, she looked back up, found he was just staring. Then he turned and started pacing about, frowning like he was thinking to himself.

"I don’t think he knows…" Artie whispered, and they all watched him going about, not really focused on them, just thinking… He was tipping his hand, just barely. He was overwhelmed, now that this was done, it didn’t look like he knew what he was meant to do. It shouldn’t have, but having this in mind only made him more dangerous.


Standing outside, Will had been keeping an eye on the situation as best he could without getting in people’s way. He wanted to know more, but they wouldn’t give him a thing. He couldn’t help but look to the four he did have. They wouldn’t leave the front of the line, the closest they could get, eyes riveted to the building. He wondered what they felt. Fear for their friends, of course, but maybe it wouldn’t be lost on them that they could have been in there, too, but they had gotten away from that by having shown up too late. They’d want to talk to him, too, he imagined. After he’d seen them, he had been going around trying to get the information he could. He couldn’t tell them everything. He couldn’t tell them what Coach Beiste had told the police about spotting a gun…

"Hey…" he finally just went up to them.

"What the hell’s going on?" Puck asked. "It’s Matheson, right?"

"Yes," Will responded with honesty where he could. "From what I’ve got, he’s got the others in the choir room, the doors are locked, and the windows are covered up. No one’s made contact with him."

"Mr. Schue, we have to help them, we have to get in there or something…" Finn frowned.

"No, now, I know you want to help your friends, but the best way you can do that is by staying right here, understand? Everything’s going to be fine. Help is on the way."


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