Day 850b. Flying Solo: 3. New Views

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Ewan is becoming part of the McKinley, which comes with friends, possibilities, and a new beginning.

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"Flying Solo"

3. New Views

She was seeing so much improvement in him. She kind of hated that word, ‘improvement,’ because it made it sound to her like there was something to be fixed… Who would ever heal that wound? Still, Ewan was getting better, he was adjusting to life at McKinley, here with her in Lima. And he’d made friends… She’d almost hugged Chang on the field one day, with how thankful she was for what he and Tina were doing for her nephew, maybe even without realizing it.

He hadn’t told her about his problems with ‘the jerks.’ She was so very protective about him, and he loved her for it, but he didn’t want her somehow getting in trouble because of him. He would deal with it… somehow… somehow… He didn’t know how…

That night they’d come home and he’d helped her with dinner. It was becoming a good routine between them, and he didn’t even need to ask to know that he’d done the exact same thing, night after night, with his mother… It was both amazing and heartbreaking how she just saw more and more of Kathleen in him as time went by. He’d had a good and happy life, the kind most people strived for, and it had been ripped from him, forever breaking her faith in fairness.

"Aunt Shannon, I was wondering…" he spoke up as they sat to eat.

"What is it?" she asked.

"What’s Glee Club? I mean, I know what it is, but…"

"To tell you the truth, at first I thought it was a waste of time, and resources," she chuckled. "But then the more I got to know Will, and those kids, the more I saw it was really a… great group of people. Sure, sometimes they’ll fight, argue, but it never lasts, and it’s just part of it, a small, very small part."

Ewan listened to her intently, took in her words, trusting her wholeheartedly. To him it felt she could have been describing family. He could see Mike and Tina as part of that, because they had become a bit like that for him.

"Why do you ask?" Shannon asked, connecting the dots. "Are you joining?"

"Thinking about it… Maybe… Tina suggested it today," he explained. "I just wasn’t sure if I should."

"Personally I think you’d fit in just fine with them," she smiled. "I’ve never seen you dance…"

"You’re not missing much," he threw in.

"Your mother had a beautiful voice though…" her face grew sad the way it did when she’d speak of her sister now.

"She did," Ewan shared in her sadness, and they sat in silence for a moment. "Dad said she’d… blown into town like a siren, stole away his heart and refused to give it back, that he didn’t want it back…" he recounted the story, the one he’d heard time and again, like a fairy tale. It was always his favorite.

"If you want to join the club, then I say go for it," Shannon nodded confidently. "They’d be lucky to have you… Luck of the Irish," she smirked, and he gave that small, tentative smile of his.

"What if I’m no good?"

"I don’t believe that for a second."

"What if they don’t think it? I met a girl today, she said they wouldn’t let her in." Shannon thought, like she’d heard the story before, tried to remember.

"You mean Sugar Motta?" she asked, and now he realized Tina had told him before, without his realizing. He had to assume they were talking about the same girl. "Look, I don’t take care of those things, but if Will said no then I’m sure he had a good reason."

Ewan guessed what his aunt said was right. For some reason though he was feeling invested in something with the girl, like it was important to him that she was treated fairly. He’d only spoken to her – or been spoken to by her, really – for all of two minutes, in which neither had said their name and she’d spent much time talking of issues with Glee Club and the smelly guy neighboring her former locker… but he still thought about her… she’d definitely made an impression. He should tell her, he thought; he should tell her maybe she’d been wrong about the Glee Club. But then he couldn’t say that and not believe it.

He texted Tina and said he’d like to meet more of the Glee Club. Less than a minute later his phone had rung. “You’re joining?” she asked.

"I haven’t decided yet," he corrected. "But I’m thinking about it."

"Good, that’s good," he could almost see her jump around.

"Doesn’t mean I’ll go in, but I’d like to meet them," he added.

"We can do that," she promised.

"After that, then I can consider it."

"How’s tomorrow?" she asked.

"A bit sudden, but alright."

"You’ll have met some of them around school, in class, in the halls…"

"I know, you pointed to those two cheerleaders," he recalled a few days before.

"Santana and Brittany," she confirmed. "So I’ll introduce you to them, and then…"

"Then I’ll think about it, and I’ll let you know."

After they’d hung up he’d gone back to his room, sat on his bed, hands inevitably reaching for his sketchbook. He turned the pages slowly.

He felt his father when he drew… It held his memories of him in a safe place, like they were in a good place that reminded him of the man in life. Maybe this whole Glee Club would mean a safe place for memories of his mother. He had some of that with his Aunt Shannon, but this would be different. And whether or not it would work out… for his aunt, for Mike and Tina… for his mother… at least he’d try.


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